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Professional spaces

The two hundred-year-old halls and the former printing works will host creative, associative, cultural, productive and sports activities.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs, craftspeople, associations, creators, co-designers of the city and world of tomorrow that we need so badly right now!

Call for projects

We are looking for projects that wish to set up on the Volta XL site. In addition to office spaces, the following functions and projects would be of particular interest for the site’s mixed use:

  • Social cohesion projects
  • Socio-cultural projects
  • Medical / paramedical / wellness / sports activities
  • Artist and craft workshops / showrooms
  • Daytime catering (neighbourhood canteen)
  • Early years
  • Education and extra-curricular activities

La Grande Halle

A multidisciplinary creative ecosystem where artists, institutions, galleries and art schools come together, all of them catalysts for positive change in society.

A place of inspiration and innovation, where creativity and co-creation flourish across borders.

Who should get involved?

  • Artists and creatives, come and bring your artistic vision to life by acquiring one of our inspiring spaces
  • Cultural or musical institutions, take part in a dynamic community of innovation, open to the world
  • Galleries, art, performing arts or music schools, exhibit and train the next generation of artists in a stimulating environment

Organisations already confirmed in the halls

Portraits of future occupants

Aurélie Tibbaut

Les Guides

“The values of the project particularly echo the values of our organisation, which are sharing, respect, responsibility, openness and trust, and it’s a chance for us to be able to bring them to life beyond our educational project too.”

Serge van Mol & Fany Ramadier


“At Volta, we find that special alchemy: one that combines creativity, heritage, sustainable innovation and meeting open-minded, curious and optimistic people to create a desirable future with them.”

Christophe de Nys

Twyce Architect

“For us, this is an incredible project where we want to experience, in our day-to-day work and in informal moments, the added value of collective intelligence and the enrichment of ideas, energies, talents and sensibilities.”